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If you are living with stress, you are not alone. Stress is a normal part of everyday life. A certain level of stress can be healthy and keep us engaged and productive. However, when stress isn't managed well and, it builds up, it can negatively affect us both physically and mentally.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Pfizer Canada, has produced Stress Strategies - a free, mobile-friendly, online coaching tool to help Canadian's learn the necessary skills to better manage life's stress. Stress Strategies is completely confidential. It is available in both English and French.

Stress Strategies:

  • provides research-backed information on stress and effective management strategies

  • shares stories of how real people use these specific strategies to manage their stress

  • presents questions to help you identify key areas of stress in your life and the stress management strategies that make the most sense for you

  • outlines clear, practical tips and actions you can take to help you in managing stress more effectively

Once complete, you may download or print a stress management plan personalized for you.

Learn more about the Stress Strategies Tool

Go to the Stress Strategies Program

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